Only 15 minutes away from CASA-22, we find a place called Cabarrete, the most favored location for wind and kite surfers from all over the world because of the permanent strong wind on the ocean.

Cabarete’s beaches are it’s main attractions, and not just for sun and sand. The beaches are each home to a different water sport, and they are great places to watch beginner and more advanced athletes alike. This is the center of the North Coast’s adventure sport activity.

One look at the beach will prove as much, the colourful windsurfing and kite boarding sails brightening the shore and dotting the aquamarine water.

Kite surfing Cabarete

Playa Cabarete , the main beach in front of town, is the best place for windsurf watching, while the very best windsurfers are well offshore at the reef line.

Bozo Beach is the western downwind side of Playa Cabarete. There are more kite boarders at Bozo and the surf here is better for boogie boarding.Both Cabarete and Bozo have nice sand and pretty palm trees.

Kite Beach, 2 km west of town, is a sight to reserve to on windy days, when scores of kiters of all skill levels negotiate huge sails and 30m lines amid waves and traffic.

Playa Encuentro, 4 km west of town, is the ideal place to go surfing. The beach itself is OK, but the strong tide and rocky shallows make swimming more difficult and perhaps risky.

Cabarete’s beach has a fine selection of shops and is lined with restaurant after restaurant, all boasting open air dining areas facing the water.
The view and breeze are terrific.
The drinking and party scene is fun with bars open almost every night of the week.