Diving – A true divers paradise awaits you

A true divers paradise awaits you

The Dominican Republic offers scuba diving 24/7, 365 days a year and in a pristine underwater environment with access to many locations for shore and boat diving, it is an award winning diving destination that accommodates every skill level, from beginner to advanced diver. There are many official dive sites at SOSUA beach which is & 5 minutes stroll away from CASA-22. The Dominican Republic is an underwater paradise that awaits you, with more than 350 fish species and 57 species of soft and stony coral.

The area has more to offer than just coral reefs or wrecks: Stunning freshwater caves are the perfect adventure for TEC divers. Some of the most beautiful dive sites of the north coast are located in Sosua. All dive shops in Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete are diving here. 23 dive sites can be reached by boat within 3 to 15 minutes. Great for divers who suffer from motion sickness as you do not have to sit for hours on a boat to reach your diving destination. Spots like The 3 Rocks, Larimar 1, West Wall, Puntilla and Canyon are perfect for beginners and training dives. They start at depths of 3m/10ft to 6m/20ft and slope down to 12m/40ft to reach a maximum depth of 18m. Current is really rare.

After an exciting dive, you can relax with a massage at the wellness of CASA-22 or zip at a cocktail next to the pool where you can exchange your underwater stories with your friends. CASA-22 will be very happy to help you further so that you can enjoy a great dive holiday. Casa-22 works together with the Dive Center Merlin, the number 1 dive club in Sosua.

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